Ever tried tasting food with your feet?
That’s how butterflies find things sweet
Brightly coloured, they have four wings
And through their life they’re four different things

They drink the nectar from pretty flowers
That bloom so bright after spring showers
They flutter by gracefully in yellow, blue or green
The prettiest insects you’ve ever seen

This is a story that’s often been told

Of Peter Pan – the boy who never grows old

Wendy, Michael and John meet one night

A boy in green and a fairy so light.

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are they

Who fly the kids up, up and away

To Neverland, a place so fair

With many creatures fine and rare.

But pirates roam all over this land

Their Captain has a hook for a hand

That was eaten up by a mean, green croc

With a clock in his tummy that goes Tick Tock

Tinker Bell flies them through the land so wide

Captain Hook catches them and has them all tied

The kids cry for help, but Tinker gets away

She quickly calls Peter to come save the day.

With a swish of his sword and a push in the water,

Peter Pan feeds Hook to the clock-throated crocker!

Now that you know what happened that day,

So the Rickshaw driver dream that AM had seems to have been a fleeting one... He woke up in the middle of the night just to announce that he's now thinking of being an Actor again! Hmm.. How about that?

So AM now wants to be a rickshaw driver. How cool is that?! This is making IM want to be a tractor driver. I've been spending many-a-morning trying to convince AM that even rickshaw drivers need to go to school ... at least to be able to read street names ;)

We spent a lovely Sunday morning at the beach. The weather was just right. Not rainy. Lots of clouds. Nice and breezy. High tide. Perfect setting for some introspection. We dug holes, looked for sea shells, ran into the water and brought some back in a pail, made a castle, broke it, made it again, covered our feet with sand, watched airplanes, watched people play cricket, watched kids frolic with the waves, followed an insect till it disappeared in the sand, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves till it was finally time to drag ourselves home!

What's this got to do with life lessons, you ask? Well... here's how I put the whole sea shells experience into a different perspective.

We go through different stages in our lives... when we're young we're combing the beach for sea shells, frantically looking for opportunities, filling our kitty with whatever we can find. As time goes on, you get a little picky and choosy, you have the freedom to pick only the best. Soon you're be walking along with a bag full of sea shells, satisfied with what you've collected, a child skipping along by your side. He stops, tugs at your shirt and points at a few shells..."Mom, look there's a good one!", you pick some, you kick some. You enjoy the breeze though your hair, watch the kids beaming with the joy of having had a great morning, and with a sigh of satisfaction and a smile of achievement, you go home!

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